SWU FM to apply for full time FM licence


After over a year of heavy campaigning and promotion, SWU.FM has been given the green light to apply for the full-time FM Licence that both the station and the city needs. The project, which has been backed by Bristol-dwellers, Pinch, Roni Size, Dubkasm and many more has received over 10,000 votes from the public. They received the good news after submitting a review due to the sheer demand for Bristol’s first legitimate underground music station.

The Bristol based radio station were forced to decline an AM licence last year, as the medium wave signal offers low-quality audio signal which was insufficient for what the station were trying to push. Since then they have gained traction via throwing parties, online broadcasts and raising awareness of their campaign for the broadcasting rights they need to move forward. Learn more about the station and the support it has received so far below.

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