Bonobo at Citadel Festival


The crowd eagerly migrated to the main stage at Citadel last Sunday evening as Bonobo lit up the packed festival with his ground-shaking live set.  The Brighton-born producer’s hour-long gig was presented in a show-stopping manner; ensuring he was a tough act for headliners Foals to follow.

Both Green and his ensemble; which included flute and trombone players treated fans to a master class as his inherently intricate sound was turned in to a stunning orchestral performance. Green’s minimalist music entranced the crowd as he played songs from his most recent release ‘Migration,’ as well as some old classics including ‘Cirrus’, which went down a storm. Working his magic, sounds of trip-hop and melded jazz blasted through the speakers.

As Green and his orchestra created unique melodies, the crowd were left in awe as ‘Kerela’ was slowly introduced to Victoria Park. His tracks were hypnotic in a live environment, perhaps even more so when complemented by Szjerdene Mulcare’s note perfect vocals. She graced the stage with her presence as she lent her vocals to ‘No Reason’, and despite being a Nick Murphy collaboration on the Migration album she charmed the audience as she took sole ownership of the track.  As ever with Simon Green, no matter how controlled his sets may seem, there’s always a hint of spontaneity that makes his audience come alive and leaves you wanting more.

Photo Credit // Max Miechowski
Words by @KimKaveh