Mo Kolours returns​ to 22a Records with fresh EP, ‘Meroe’

This week sees the highly-anticipated return of Mo Kolours to the 22a Music imprint. A composer revered by his innate musical background, Joseph Deenmamode often appears to toe the line with seemingly conventional songwriting before disappearing into crunchy percussion, jovial Africa-themed dialogues and frantic tribal samples; his dialogue creating vivid imagery in the listeners mind along the way.

As obscure as it is playful, the Meroe EP proves to be his most versatile record yet. ‘Cerasee Doctor’ is quintessentially Mo Kolours, an effortless fusion of Hip Hop and Dub Reggae, the track screams to be played out of a soundsystem before flowing into ‘Margoze’. Close your eyes and you’re transported to a bustling West African village, ‘Margoze’ is laced with cowbells, syncopated rhythms and the faint sound of a regional dialogue.

Kolours continues to prove that he has crafted an unparalleled formula with his production on ‘Goya’. An intricate blend of Vietnamese folk and fragmented slap bass takes the EP off onto a swift tangent, sparking a new curiosity within the listener before finishing the release with the title track, ‘Meroe’. An up-tempo rhythm reminiscent of earlier releases ‘Mini Culcha’ and Laser Wind Tunnel’, the closing track is ultimately the dancefloor choice of the EP. In true form the half-British/half-Mauritian producer creates a slow-building tension with deep pulsing low end, with tribal chant samples throughout.

This principle of experimenting with the experimental is what has earned him his cult following, recognition from one of Afro-Carribean music’s biggest advocates Gilles Peterson, as well as collaborations and a slot supporting JonWayne at the end of this Summer. Forever indebted to his roots for lending him such a variety of sounds, this release is a true exhibition of Kolour’s creative capacity and serves to fully cement his place within the 22a family.

You can catch him in-store at Sounds Of The Universe this coming Friday.

Words by @rhimarilou

The Meroe EP is released on Friday via 22a Records. Listen/Support below.