Santan Dave sent for the PM in new track, Question Time

Yesterday saw Santan Dave unveil the visuals for the aptly named ‘Question Time’ opening with ‘Question for the new priminister, how do you have a heart so sinister?’. The esteemed rapper goes on to address the multitude of issues Britain and World Politics are currently faced with, begging important questions that are yet to be answered by any of the people that should be answering them.

The 19 year old South London rapper has received huge support since his YouTube debut two years ago, Black Box. He has since collaborated with long-time friend AJ Tracey and been remixed by Drake, with plays on OVO generating a huge amount of noise around the artist. Question Time in its subject matter is an extremely important statement, voicing the frustration of an increasingly passionate demographic of people involved in British politics – no stone is left unturned as Dave eloquently questions the Grenfell tragedy, a failing NHS and broken Brexit promises. Listen below.