Float endlessly with Brian Piñeyro’s “Dulce Compañia”

Brian Piñeyro is no stranger to the vibrant New York music scene, with broad releases under various aliases (DJ Wey, Deejay Xanax and Luis). Piñeyro reignites his enigmatic ‘DJ Python’ reggaeton moniker for his latest release from his fellow New Yorker, Anthony Naples’ new imprint, Incensio.

The title translates to “Sweet Company”, which couldn’t be more appropriate. Opening track Las Palmas,  nurtures visions of beaches and calm oceans, transporting your mind to a place that it would rather be. The production is reminiscent of the beautiful Huerco S album from last year (for which Piñeyro provided the liner notes). For those of you who haven’t (and those who have), Dulce Compañia listens like a sweet dream. Synths echo in and out, whilst the percussion provides a stable and reassuring backdrop – Cuál, Q.e.p.d. and Acostados yield an endless energy that will keep you moving until the earliest of hours.

A warm haze lingers over the entirety of this album, sounding safe and comforting. Esteban stands out in the shining glory of Dulce Compañia, a sweetheart of ambience and  an infectious groove that wholly represents the foundation idea to the release.

Highly recommended and one of my favourite albums of 2017 so far, Dulce Compañia is just the accomplished album we could have asked for as we creep ever closer to shorter days and a colder breeze. Let this be the soundtrack to your sundrenched daydreams in your own sweet company, as the title meaning and subsequent offering by Piñeyro intends.

Dulce Compañia is out now via Incienso, available in both digital and vinyl formats.

Words by @Fred_Laker