Learn about the people behind Vinylart Co X Dusty Fingers

Cardiff’s historic High Street arcade has become home to a brand new store, Vinylart Co X Dusty Fingers. Two friends are collaborating to bring one lifelong idea to fruition, with Vinylart Co a successful business within its own right, a unique service allowing the creation of one off picture discs. Similarly, Dusty Fingers Records, which has been operating remotely over the last 12 months finds itself at home within this new shared space.


Speaking on the background of their individual ventures, Dan says ‘In 2015 I bought a lathe from Germany and began learning the art of cutting records. I can honestly say it took around a year to feel comfortable with that machine – it’s very sensitive and requires a lot of attention and perseverance to get the results i can get these days.’ The move into the arcade will signal the beginning of VinylArt Co operating in a public space, and a trial period of 3 months will go ahead to ensure the move into a public capacity will allow for the intricacy of his work.

Speaking on Dusty Fingers, Chris says –‘I’ve always been extremely obsessive with music. Wanting to know the years, labels and story lines behind all the releases. As I’ve got older my collecting habits increased and thought I don’t have anywhere to buy records in Cardiff. There’s been a massive hole since Catapult has left. All my favourite styles of music seem to be in fashion at the moment so I thought there’s not going to be a better time than now.’ The demand thus far has been greater than both businesses had anticipated, which is certainly encouraging within a market which has suffered greatly over the years; especially within smaller cities and communities.


Aside from selling records, Chris spoke on the possibility of stocking music in other formats, ‘Cassettes and CD’s have been considered and will be trialed soon, the response from the customer will dictate whether they’re put into constant supply’, aside from these he will also be stocking branded tee’s and tote’s. Dan has also extended his venture and is running a small coffee shop on his side of the shop, ‘The VinylArt.co Cafe is a new service attached to the lathe area – focusing on quality not quantity – our coffee is flavourful, chocolatey, nutty and strong – and we also do CBD coffee – I believe a first for Cardiff.’

Ultimately, the switch and expansion of both of these businesses from private spaces into a public capacity is a signal of an enriched creative community within Cardiff, ‘I think creating a new daytime hub for likeminded people of cardiff can only serve as a positive thing. Collaboration is only ever a good thing – people need to vibe off each other more to grow faster and further so we can all put Cardiff on the map more.’, Dan says. The two hold the same understanding as Chris says,  ‘It’s brought a lot of music fans to light than I wasn’t even aware of. I’m hoping the store will gather some momentum over the next 12 months and gain a community like feel with music fans. Giving them a chance to meet like minded people and inspire them to create their own endeavours here in Cardiff’.

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Photo credit // rdphotography.

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