Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard // The Late Night City Sermon

Almost a month after the release of their second single, Late Night City – the Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard boys caused mayhem at their Late Night City Sermon at Cardiff’s legendary Clwb Ifor Bach. The event, began with a blessing from CVC’s David Bassey, where he recited a modified version of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, and later featured a makeshift boxing match starring the headline band’s own Ethan Hurst. 

Prior to the gig, it was stated on the Facebook event page that the whole night would be filmed; live and non-stop from the moment the doors opened at 9pm. This was a first for the venue, showing the Buzzard boys’ forward thinking attitudes towards their gigs.

Music started at 9.15pm sharp, with local ensemble CVC first on the bill. Their bouncy, psychedelic funk sound got the room bopping along in preparation for the second act. Next, we saw Londoner Rainn Byrns take to the stage, bringing upbeat indie-pop melodies into the mix. Him and his band, ‘The Byrnouts’, wooed the crowd during their lively set. Penultimately, Boy Azooga’s Sam Barnes brought musical beauty to the stage with his own solo project, Shoebox Orchestra. The crowd swayed in awe during the mellow and thought-provoking melodies of this newly formed four piece.

It felt like only seconds after Shoebox Orchestra’s set had finished that a spotlight appeared in the centre of the crowd. Buzzard’s Tom Rees appeared, announcing a boxing match between drummer Ethan and pre-arranged opponent, Liam. Dinging bells signified the start of round one, which saw both lads making some serious contact with each other. The crowd jeered, booed and hissed, chanting Ethan’s name. After a couple of rounds, the boxing match finished, leaving the crowd in a state of delirium, ready for the main event.

Finally, as the clock struck twelve midnight the Buzzard boys entered the stage. Tom’s light blue, silk jumpsuit glistened in the white light and the audience parted, readying itself for the mosh pit that was about to come as the intro to 30,000 Megabucks ripped through the venue. Next, the foursome played their latest single, Late Night City, gaining a huge positive response from the audience, who’s singing reverberated through the walls of the renowned venue. 

Following on from this, the band played punky number Paper Tree, followed by Stockholm City Rock and Love Forever. The songs written by the Buzzard boys are congruent with the sounds of the late 1960s to the early 1970s. This along with the vibrant energy that is exuded by lead singer Tom Rees’ high kicks and flamboyant dancing is what makes Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard a band that must be seen live. Next, the ensemble played Long Day/Free Day, Hollywood Actors and Tom removed his guitar for a spirited performance of John Lennon is my Jesus Christ. The room erupted during the performance of the lads’ first single Double Denim Hop, which saw audience members crowd surf from the stage almost to the merch desk. Tom announced that the boys were about to play their last song, Magic Christian Mountain, which features the lyrics ‘come and join us’. These words resounded through the room as the each member of the crowd belted them out along with the band. 

The gig closed with a jam of 30,000 Megabucks, where Tom invited the bands that had played the event back up onto the stage with him and the Buzzard boys. At this point, every sense was stimulated by the euphoria inflicted by the melodies, energy and all-round omnipresence of the band. The finale of the song saw audience members clamber onto the metal truss on the ceiling – a true representation of how electric the atmosphere was. Every Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard gig ends on a high, and this one was not any different.

Words by @corinnekday.

Photo Credit // @heyadamwhitmore.