Private World land on Dais Records with, On The Run

Cardiff based ensemble Private World, Tom Sanders and Harry Jowett land on Dais Records today, with a sophisticated prelude to their upcoming debut LP, due for release in early 2020. 

Melodic key loops open the track, before you hear Sanders’ signature delayed vocals lead into layers of intricate drum and string arrangements. Melancholic lyrics shine to the forefront of the vocal element of On the Run, before a brief switch up to a slower tempo arrives at the track’s break. An instrumental breakdown closes the track, below repetitions of the chorus, A Life Spent Living On The Run, telling tales of endless wasted years in the pursuit of wildest dreams.

If this was the 1980’s it could feel like a definitive take on Postmodernism,  but with the duo’s unwavering take on something so forthright in its encapsulation of the – oh so relatable pursuit of hopes and dreams; and its refusal to be characterised to post-punk, alt-pop, or romantic; On The Run is more so a very constructive, intelligent approach to progressive nostalgia, something to get lost in, despite never getting lost in itself.

Though you hear familiar nods to Bryan Ferry or Tears for Fears influences, don’t get this project twisted; the duo are coming through with their own brand of new age pop – often difficult to characterise to one specific genre, On The Run fits seamlessly into their succinct collection of compositions.

The connect between analog and digital production only serves to highlight their standing within a very contemporary strain of after-dark pop, and lyricism that is often hard to understand, yet is perfectly articulate; On The Run is not your average perpetuation of everyday pop discourse, more so a sophisticated combination of simplistic textures and refinement within each track, something that the duo have become known for in recent years.

Words by @rhimarilou.

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